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nobody here?

The door opens with a woosh, but there was nobody inside. you take a look around the room and see nothing, the room is dark, so you pull out your flashlight. nothing so far. then you look left, the guy you were looking for was in the corner unconcous. you walk over and pick him up, as you begin to leave the roon, the dark monitors flicker to life. chaos assumes control and these...things begin to slaughter the entire population. you are scared. then the room lights up, demonic symbols all over the walls. a flying skull appears in a burst of light and these symbols. it flies at you and enters your body. you are lifted off your feet and begin to feel it take control. you are powerless. all that is left to you is your eyes. you hear your mouth open, but no words come out. your comrade looks at you in fear and confusion. james asks "H-hello?" you can feel what the demon wants to do. you muster all your strenth to say something. you manage to break through, you try to make these words worthwile all you say is "J-James, R-un RUN!" then it takes control again. you raise your machinegun and fire. james dives out of the line of fire and closes the door behind him. the lock clicks. the demon drops your gun and beats on the door. it apparently cannot speak human so it lets out a howl.

Written by unit 52

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