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He can create sandstorms now

The next day you meet Mach Kell and his partner in the Sahara Desert. "Now we do not have to fight why not fight beside us we could each other. Remember the elements. We could protect you from forest Mamotos." you inform Mach. "You have a point. We will still battle you but the partners must hide the spell book somewhere so they do not get burned. This is a test. A training exersize of a sort. To see who can keep the spell book alive for the longest. The Mamoto who finds the spellbook wins." Mach tells you all to hide. Jenny gives you the book first and then you both trade off but one time you didn't and won 16 out of 30 times. "You guys are good." Machs partner says. "Well we have an unfair advantage. Our fur can detect any change in the wind. Our paws can detect the faintest pulse in the ground. we can smell anything comming from any direction. As well as our hearing which is better then a dogs." you point at everybody part you talk about. "Of course you can make sandstorms." you look at Mach Kell.

Written by Gannon

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