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Getting to know the Dragoness

So then as you turn around you decicde to check out the dragon and to your suprise this dragon is a female. Her scales smoothe as glass and her horns are ebony-white. Then she starts to moan and she opens her eyes as you step back not knowing of she is an enemy or not. "Did I hurt you?" you ask and she replies " well you didn't have to smack me so hard,geez" and she spits out some blood. "So whats your name" you ask her. "My name is Wediewn Forwna','What's Yours?" she asks you in a seductive voice. "Its Regohimes" you respond nervously,"Well thats an eccentric name I have never heard of that before" she said. Speaking of the heard of, you suddenly hear a creaking noise coming from the caves opening and it turns out to be......

Written by Idril Seregone

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