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Another transformation...

You've always had a bit of interest of how it was like for knights in the middle ages. How those great warriors who went to battle for their lords, or who protected their land from invaders, actually felt in their suits of armour.

So, forgetting your current feminine physique, you quickly walk up to one of the suits of armour in this dimly lit room. You take off the helmet from the stand, and put it aside. Likewise, you dismantle the breastplate, the arm plates, leggings, and other equipment and place them on the ground. The armour stand is now completely empty.

You look over the battle gear on the ground, and without hesitation start putting the equipment on, item by item. Luckily, due your interest in the subject in your youth, you know the exact order in which the various pieces of armour have to go on.

Since the temperature had not changed, and it is still freezing cold in the castle, you decide to keep some of your female garments on, for warmth, and to wear the armour on top. You remove your boots, but keep your panty-hose and other undergarments, as you slowly put on the different pieces composing the suit of armour. Finally, you get to the last piece, the helmet. With a swift gesture, you pick up the helmet and place it on top of your head. You are now wearing the full battle-suit of a knight from the middle ages.

In your excitement, you have forgotten the curse that is on these garments, but as you suddenly feel the beginning of new transformation, you quickly remember about it. You also remember that you still have some of the feminine clothing on, underneath your armour, and that the more clothing of a person that you have on, the more you will become like that person.

As your mind races through this information, your body transforms into a new shape...

Written by Myrd

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