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well, no not really....

You decide to lap up a sip of the wine in the floor. You feel famished and ,in your mind, are dying of thirst. You turn to the werewolf, he seems to be digging though a closet looking for something. He pulls out a alchemic set and sets it on a table. "I think I can help you, these vials, each of them, will transfrom you." You nod in aproval. "I thin-" The werewolf breaks off staring at you. You feel yourself sudently gaining weight, you must have drank a drop or two of that cursed liquor, or maybe you got the curse from the werewolf? whatever the calse, you are growing at a slow rate but still. the werewolf has hysterical tears flowing down his face, trying as hard as he can to not laugh at you. is a high and quick voice he says "quick... drink one of these, maybe you'll turn into something humaniod, so we can get out'a here!

Written by an anonymous author

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