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your now a 20 year old woman

You start to notice that the cloths in your wardrobe has cloths for a grown women then you start to notic that your breasts are expanding you also noticed that your butt also expands and then after they stop growing you looked at the mirrior an noticed that Both of your breasts are now the size of rather large beach balls and you but is half the size of large beach balls and also your body has changed in shape now to accomodate the sheer mass of your chest and buttocks. Your legs have increased in length and your thighs and hips are now blown out to accomodate the butt; your torso, too, has increased in size and elegance. The truly strange thing is that though the parts of your body that are roughly connected to your breasts and butt have increased in size, the parts of your body around thouse areas havent really grown alot. Then suddenly you noticed that your age is changing your now 20 years old and as you age change you become more smarter in fact you became smart enought to to be either the president , a scientist or even a boss at a powerful company and then you found out that you work in a casino area with the rabbit uniform and also you hear a mischievous,spry voice whistling from behind you and you noticed that it was the leprechaun and the leprechaun said " your hot" and you said "how did this happen?" and the leprechaun answered " i made it abit too strong which caused it " and so you had a idea " i now wish for unlimited wishs " and then the leprechaun was stunned for a while and then said " fine it shall be granted2 and the leprechaun asked a question "what will be your next wish lassie".

Written by bladra

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