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leprechaun fixs it

"you did it all wrong you dunce a werewolf is only 8 feet tall and have strong bones and great agility got it" you shouted to the Leprechaun "fine just calm down" said the Leprechaun in a guilty way so he snaps his fingers 3 times and fixs it "thats better now since i used the 3 wishs what are you going to do" you said and a puzzleing way "i dont know how about i give you and extra 2 wishs just so you cant haunt me in my sleep" said the Leprechaun in a wise way "haunt you in your sleep??" you said in a confusing way "of course you see if a Leprechaun accidently kills the person that they grant wishs to the person they killed gets to haunt them in there sleep an we Leprechauns need plenty of sleep to able to focus our magic" answered the Leprechaun "ooohh ok" you said in a understanding way "so what will your wishs be now my werewolf laddie"

Written by bladra

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