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Shadow and Mysteries

"I've always wanted to see Oodana and Clair." Denise said. "Then lets go there." You told her. "Poe sind bindes and things from yore teleport us now to root core." as you recite the chant the entire world spins out of control. When the world stops you look at yourself and you are wearing a grey robe and denise is wearing a purple robe. Looking around you notice both the book is gone and your on top of building looking down. "Woh look the rangers are in trouble." Denise notices. "Look for your morpher denise. You inform her. "Right." you both find your morphers just in time. "thats it Magical source. Mystic force." you both are transformed in to rangers. "Shroud of Shadows. Grey mystic ranger." you shout. "Dark as mysteries. Black mystic ranger." Denise shouts. You both get in the way of Koraggs strike. "Shadow staff." you summon a powerful staff. "Sheild of mysteries." denise summon a powerful sheild and both of you rush at koragg. "Wolf attack." Koragg attacks. Denise blocks with her shield. "Shadow spike." you shoot spikes out of your hand and staff causeing him to flee.

"Who were those 2." Red ranger wondered. "They have come." Oodana remembers those rangers. "

Written by Gannon

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