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The Sudden Urge

As gena tries to squeeze through, you see her giant feet still sticking out of the cave. You deside quickly if you want to tickle them. Then you think, But what if there are other ticklish areas? you use your odd radar to tell the leprickauns inside to pretend to be trying to help her through. One must be on each armpit, both sides of the rbs, and two to reach down and tickle her tummy. Once they agree, you rush over, and run your fingers up her feet, You hear load giggling. "What is going on over there?" gena said, giglling You dont answer,and tickle her feet with swift movements. She starts roaring with laughter.You learn the second you started tickling her extremely ticklish feet, everyone starts. She starts screaming. You swich off with the others so everyone gets to try all the areas. You loved tickling her sensitive armpits. When you go out to the toes, you gather tickle leaves, they where leaves that tickle non stop. you place them on her feet, and everyone does the same with their areas. You tickle as well. Another dragon joins in with her feet, and fairies help with other areas. Gena has tears streaming down her face as everything is tickling her silly. She squirms around, and the dragon teases her, testing different areas of her feet.

Written by anon

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