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Childish error...

You focus and feel yourself transforming. Your vision spins and the colours blur. Your skin tingles with energy as your molecular structure transforms. The world expands around you.

Wait - what? You wanted to turn into a bear. If the world seems to be expanding, you must be getting SMALLER!

You stop the transformation and realise you've turned yourself into an eight-year-old boy by accident. These powers must just take some getting used to.

Examining your body, you realise just how little you've become. You wouldn't want to run into anything nasty while you're this small. Maybe it would be a smart idea to transform into something else.

Then again, you've already made the situation bag enough. Who's to say you'll get it right this time? You could just end up making things worse for yourself - you might morph into a baby, or a little girl, or a termite. Or Barbara Streisand. Yuck.

Maybe you don't mind being eight years old. After all, you haven't been a kid in a long time and it would be interesting to explore your lost youth. There's a lot less stress involved with being a little boy. For one thing, you don't get crappy reporting assignments like this one.

Hmm... what to do?

Written by Jake Rawnes

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