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Here he goes again.

Over your terrified screams, you can hear an unusual bubbling from Reons stomach. "Ugh..." he groans "I still feel funny..." You look up to see the fat werewolf start to inflate yet again, but at a much slower rate. your falling speed slows considerably as the ballooning wolfs gas filled body starts to lose its grip on gravity again. The four of you land safely on the ground, although you wonder how long it'll be before he carries you all back off.

"He's inflating again." Jessie begins, sadness in her voice "I don't think anything's going to make him stop"

As if by some kind of trigger, Reon deflates once more. He falls to the ground, still extremely fat from before.

Reon looks himself over. He takes a deep breath, causing him to start expanding and floating, only to return to normal when he breaths out.

"Well, at least this whole experience has given me something. Looks like I can inflate myself at will..." Reon announces "Not nessesarilly something to be too proud of, but I guess I'll have to live with it... at least so long as I'm still too fat to move"

As you all start to shake off this near death experience, you wonder what you should do next.

Written by Ziggy-Cabbit

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