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Your mind strays from the strange vocie to wondre how he knew what you were thinking. "i read thougths." Silverwing says. "who goes there!!!" booms shadowcrye In a poof of black smoke a strange kid appears who looks like jon only is very dark skinned in black night armour and is ...of coures evil. "So i see you meet my weaker self jon" he says jon growls and replies "Your the weak one darkscar" In a flash darkscar turns into a red and black scaled dragon. everone but you and darkscar freezes. You try to stab jon with your tail but darkscar says "Don't bother hes immune to it." he lets you out of your caged and says "Lets find that dragoness of yours." as you turn to leave you her some one say "Not so fast" turning you see a female sliver dragon with spines running from her head to tail. "your not going anywhere" she roars.

Written by an anonymous author

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