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Monster Gym

After squeezing out of the room and waddling through the hallways for about an hour, (you now have a chronic fear of enclosed spaces) you stumble across a very unusual sight ... gym doors in a hundred-year-old castle. What will they think of next, you joke to yourself. You open the door, and what you see causes your entire body to sag as your mouth drops onto your chest. Littering the gym is a ton of excercise equiptment of all shapes and sizes, but what's even more shocking is the people who are using it. A cyclops is lifting dumbbells, while what appears to be some form of Frankenstein's monster is doing sit-ups. There is a sasquatch in the sauna, bigfoot with barbells, and a siren in the shower. In fact the place is packed with creatures from nearly every form of legend and every culture you can think of. Some are working out, some are just sitting around, and some are playing boardgames or reading. You try to remain as calm as possible, but MAN, what you wouldn't give for your camera right now. Suddenly, someone taps you on the shoulder. As you turn around, you see another werewolf, like you, but with white fur, and a whole lot of muscles that you most definitely lack. "Well, well, well," he says, "At last tubby returns."

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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