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Lan calls

"Hey Megaman." A voice says.

You realize it's Lan Hikari Megaman's operator (and brother in the Battle Network series which I am basing this on)

"Hey Lan"

"Any sign of WWW yet?" (first Battle Network game timeline but I am making it up as I go along)

"No not yet I think."

"You Think?"

"No viruses or evil Navis yet. Although I heard Roll scream was she..." (Putting it like he can't say it cause of fear it might happen to himself.)

"No she jacked out just in time but..."

"But what?"

"She saw some unknown Navi who played mental games."

You mutter 'mental games' over and over till it comes to you.

"Lan I am Jacking out just incase ok."


Written by Paul

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