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You are turning into a dog

You enter the room labeled Dog Lovers. But the moment you enter the room a purple liquid is poured over you and your nose points out and horrible gross spikey hair beguins to grow all over your body.

Your gums start to bleed as more teeth pushes through but not normal human teeth sharp dog teeth. Your nose turns black and runny.

Suddenly you fall forward and your stubby fingers turn into pit-bull claws. A tail starts to grow and you beguin to bark.

A man comes along and puts you in a cage with another dog and abowl of water and dog food. You leap at the dog food and swallow the dry mixture down your throat it is lovely. You lap at the water covering your snout with water. Then suddenly you are injected with a green bubbly liquid.

You then get all itchy and you scratch yourself like mad as your hair grows and consumes all your human features. The hair lightens up and becomes yellow. You bark and turn into a golden retriever.

Written by cph

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