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She is getting away

Morganna was getting away. You pick up Troggie and start to chase after Morganna. Morganna is running as fast as she could down the hallway. You get closer. Morganna stops and darts back. You don't see Morganna and you step on her. You hear a crunch. You put Troggie down and sit down. Troggie walks over to your foot and looks at it. There was Morganna stuck to your foot. " Let me go!" Morganna yelled. " It is agout time you are trapped," Troggie said. You pull your foot up closer to yourself to look at Morganna. " Ok Morganna, I will let you free..." you say with a evil look on your face. You peel Morganna off of your foot. You tip your head up and open your mouth. You hang Morganna over your head. " Good bye Morganna," you say. Then you drop Morganna into your mouth and swallow. " Ahh, Morganna no more," you say. " Good," Troggie said. You start to not feel good. Your face goes pail and mindless...

Written by Bill

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