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Lift your foot!!

Morganna leaves the room. "Troggie lift your foot up please!!!" you yell. Troggie quickly does. " Troggie, please take a bath,"you say. " Trolls don't have to take baths," Troggie said. " I realize that," you say. You stand up and regain your balance. " What will we do?" you ask. " I don't know, it seems like you are stuck that way," Troggie replied. You look at yourself and then look up at Troggie. You tense up just at the site of Troggie being a giant. You and Troggie hear someone coiming down the hall. " Oh, hello Troggie, I am just in here to sweep, Morgannas order," a troll said. The troll puts the broom down and starts to sweep. You turn around and see the broom come towards you and you are sweeped in a pan. " Got to go," the troll said. The troll lives with you in the pan. " Help!" you scream. The troll walks down a different hallway and loosing Troggie. You hear a door open. " Hello Jeff," the troll said. " Hello," Jeff the troll said. The troll starts to go towards the window. " Just going to empty this pan out the window," the troll says. You feel the pan tip up and you try to grab for anything to hold onto.

Written by Bill

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