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You meet a stranger

The poof of smoke had appeared directly to your left, in front of an entrance to a hallway that leads deeper into the house. By this time, Jennifer McCowan was already gone, having ran into a room directly in front of you, through a pair of oaken doors that had been swung open prior to your arrival.

Barely a few seconds pass, and the smoke vanishes just as quickly as it had appeared, and at the spot where it had been, now stands a man dressed in black clothing. He has dark brown hair, a clean shave, and very pale skin. You estimate him to be about twenty-five years of age. His clothes consist of a black turtleneck sweater, with no writing or emblem on it of any sort, and black cargo pants.

He opens his mouth and speaks to you, in English surprisingly, but with a typical Eastern European accent. You notice by his manner, that he is quite nervous. He greets, "Hello my guest... what can I do for you?" He stares at you intently, expecting an answer.

Written by Myrd

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