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Thrunk's foot

Luckily for you the huge troll soon stops stomping about and goes to sleep in the corner, snoring loudly. Unluckily, you're unable to peel yourself off. You pray that the troll likes long, long naps.

After a while Troggie appears, feeling his tounge which is hanging out. "Troggie!" you gasp "How'd you find me?"

"Shhh!" whispers Troggie, bending down "That's Thrunk, the strongest, most powerful and bad-tempered troll in the castle."

"His foot odour is the most powerful too!" you whisper back "Can you peel me off?"

"It won't be easy. For all his strengh, he has very ticklish feet. He won't be happy if I tickle him awake. But I'll try." He gingerly reaches out for you.

Written by Stucklepaw

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