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Time's running out.

Skaylez lifts you both back up to the door, and as you are thinking what to do next, Morganna appears. Quickly, Skaylez graps you in his flippered claw and removes you from sight.

"Ah, Troggie, see you're no longer a Froggie!" Says the sorceress with an evil grin. "Your goodie-goodie antics have convinced me to draw out the dragon's flame straight away!".

You gasp.

"It would be intresting to have a zombie dragon," continues Morganna "but don't feel so bad. The dragon's getting off lightly compared to you. I'm going to summon all my trolls and tell them what kind oftroll you really are!".

Troggie gasps.

Morganna leaves and you, Troggie and Skaylez regroup. "What are we going to do now??" you gasp.

Written by AR Jackson

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