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Blast from the Past

"NO!" you scream. That's not how it was supposed to work!

"Problem me laddo?" The leprachaun chuckled.

"Yes..." you growl in an impossibly cute voice.

"You'll a'have to use a nother wish if yee be wantin' anyting to change!" laughed the annoying green clothed midget.

That so wasn't fair! But what are you going to do, you know?

You begrudgingly give in.

"Fine! I wish I was back in my old body again~!" you whine.

For some reason you don't like the 'irish twinkle' in the leprachaun's eye.

"Right-o your old body!" he almost screeched with joy, waving his hands about.

You feel the hair begin to recede and your legs right themselves, your standing up! You're getting larger, taller, and human again!

"Finally!" you say, but it seems that your voice still is in 'cute' mode...

"What the-?" you notice that your body has stopped changing, but your voice is still young and cute...

"Oh no~!" You realize that you're in a bedroom. A mirror is right there- is it just you or is it a little high?

Scrambling to see yourself, you almost throw yourself in front of the mirror...

"Oh no..." you say again... Your voice is actually your voice...

... when you were a high school freshman...

Written by Peter Tutham

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