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You should know better by now than to trust strange food.

Your nostrils filled with the scent of pizza, you pull up the conveniently placed chair and plop down on it.

Instantly, you regret it. Iron clamps swing around your wrists and legs, strapping you to the chair. As if by magic, the small table expands, soon becoming immensely long and wide. Hundreds of calorie-laden treats appear across the surface. Suddenly, one by one, the food starts to move, and flies toward your mouth, which hangs open in shock.

At first, it is pleasant, your mouth filled with the sweet taste of ice cream, cake, cookies, and other such delicacies. But then you begin to feel full. You try to close your mouth, to stop the endless line of food, but find your mouth is not responding, as if some unseen force were forcing you to eat. Bit by bit, you devour everything on the table. When it finally ends, you look yourself over.

One word comes to mind. Blimp. You are easily larger around then you are tall! Images come to mind of you spending time in some sort of twelve-step program for corpulent monsters. When you look up, you find you are no longer outside but...

Written by an anonymous author (edited by phaedrus)

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