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Tickling Fourarms's feet

Heatblast & Arielle went camping with her family and friends.

Arielle put out the campfire, then everyone got to bed.

But Heatblast transformed into Fourarms to guard the trailor."Hey, who ate my lunch''cried Rupert.

"Ooops, I ate it"said Fourarms. He didn't know that was Rupert's lunch he ate earlier.

"Ooo, this is for eating up my lunch''smirked Rupert. He ran towards Fourarms's legs, and start tickling his feet.

"Hey, I'm sorry, AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HE HE HE HEA, R..RUPERT, CUT IT OUT, WILL YA". Rupert tortured the hell out of Fourarms's toes.

"You deserve that atfer what you did earlier"Rupert admitted.

Fourarms moved around to get his ankle free, but ended up stuck.

Atfer being tickled, his foot pulled free. Now, Fourarms got on Rupert, and now torturing him.

Arielle got outside as fast as she could."Whats are you two doing"laughed Arielle.

"Nothing"the two males admitted. Arielle knew she had the most bizzare camping trip there ever is.

Written by Jason Aquamen

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