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Your consciousness is changed

You become more and more involved with the handsome man, and as you continue to swoon with him, you feel another agonizing pain; this time it is in your brain. You slowly forget everything that has happened in the last hour, day, month, year, until finally you can't recall your own name. But this doesn't bother you, because you have all that you could ever desire withen your arms. Ecstacy flows throughout your entire body and you black out.

The next day you wake up on the floor with a severe headache. "That was wonderfull!" you think to yourself. You look to your left and see the gorgeous hunk laying there with his arms wrapped around your feminine waist. "Hmm... Maybe I should put some sexy clothes on, and surprise him."

You make your way to the dresser and suddenly a little green man pops out of nowhere. "Why hello, lassie!" The leprechaun says as he tips his hat. "Who are you?" you say in your now feminine teenage voice. "Why, you forgot me already? I'm a leprechaun! I granted your wish last night to become a girl." "What are you talking about? I've always been a woman." You say, with a confused expression on your face. The leprechaun ponders for a moment, and then says... "Allright, I'll prove it to you. You still have 2 wishes left, so choose your wish carefully and ask for it..."

Written by John Doe

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