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# 1

you choose closet number 1 and open the door. you realize that it isn't a closet but a hallway. you go down it and end up in an old labratory full of potions and levers.

the curious little girl part of you takes over temporarily and drinks the first potion and pulls one of the levers.

you start to feel strange as your body starts to grow taller and thinner you realize that you must be getting older you notice that your boobs are growing B..., C..., D. and they stop you realize that your clothes have ripped to shreds. this is the second time you been nude in one hour.

after you finish transforming the room starts to change the walls are flipping over and revealing what looks like a modern teenage girls room. (in an ancient castle strange)

you notice that the only things left from the lab are the levers and potions. you see the wardrobe and realize that all the clothes are your size you decide to put some on.

you realize all the clothes here are extremely feminine only mini skirts and halter-tops and lacy bras.

you deccide that since you can't be nude these are your only choice you get dressed (somehow without much difficulty).

You feel drawn to the makeup table you can't help but put on some lipstick blush and mascara (expertly. for your first time)

now you have three choices drink another potion pull a different lever or go out and see if you still in the castle.

Written by Anonymous

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