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Bennie gets a blessing and a curse-you just get a curse!

All of a sudden, the Leprechaun shows up. He decides that he will finally slim Bennie down-but he will be given a curse-a minor curse but still a curse. He says: "Magic-enduced blubber begone, blessed yet cursed tiger and everyone on the ship." Bennie is back to his normal weight, and he is completely healthy, but still asleep. You decide to wake him up. You do, and he is delighted. He thanks you for the help and gives you a hug, but then feels a tap. "Huh?" he says as he turns around and realizes that not only are he and his crew-and you-back on the ship, but also the very leprechaun who caused all this is. Bennie asks "What's going-"

Leprechaun replies: "On? What's going on, Bennie, is that you and the others are back on the ship and heading to your destination. And for being back to normal, don't thank them, thank me. Then again, don't, because I caused the fatness in the first place. But even though you are blessed with everything back to the way it was, it is not without a curse." "Curse?" asks Bennie. "You will never become fat again, but you are also afflicted with a hormone gene that makes you so easy to arouse you will get a rocket in your pocket at the slightest seeing of a beautiful tigress. Imagine what would happen-oh never mind! Happy erotica!"

He then turns to you. "And you, you big fat wolf, now that we're on our way to Castle McFenry, I have to give you-a curse and a curse only!" "Damn it, why?" you snap. "Because you started all this by running into me." he replies. Leprechaun does a magic spell, and it seems like no curse, as all the blubber you had but the rotund, fat belly is gone. The rest of you is healthy. But the curse is revealed. "You, despite being much healthier," says Leprechaun, are now as ticklish as you were before, added to being 10 times as ticklish as Bennie is! Also, your fat belly is twice as ticklish as all that put togther! You'd better be careful, especially now! I have lots of insects and arachnids who want to have fun! And you're the fun! Get that plump wolf, guys!

All the insects crawl at you and start with your feet. You laugh out loud "HAHAAHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAA! STOOOOP IITTT!" but then they crawl up your legs and all of them are on your belly, the most ticklish part of you. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! The insects then make you laugh harder by tickling your belly button. Bennie and the others try to help, but Leprechaun freezes them in their tracks. The insects keep tickling your belly. What a life, what a life, what a life! When you get to McFenry, you're going to give that rotten, lying Leprechaun a piece of your mind!

Written by Alex Klarfeld

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