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Do you mind, Madam? I'm in the bath!

She's standing in the doorway, her neat, clean appearance contrasted by the carnage that you've wreaked upon the room. She's standing silently, glaring at you with a slightly wild gleam in her eye. Obviously she's having a hard time dealing with the fact that you're perfectly happy with being a hippo, but your redecorating won't have helped. The glare is probably meant to be spine-chilling, but at your immense, impervious size it's merely dripping. But it does hold promise of most assuredly unpleasant things to come, this time.

You just give her a big, lazy grin (and with your mouth thats a lot of grin), and sit back decadently in your mud-bath, fat hands resting lightly on even fatter belly. "Hello again," you call cheerfully. "Nice place you have here. Come on in, the mud's fine!"

The witch gives a small start. Good. You've apparently wrong-footed her. But she regains her composure quickly enough, and smiles nastily. "You may be odd enough to actually ENJOY what I've done to you, but at least you had the sense not to try and escape me. That would have been ... unwise." You blink at her with polite surprise, totally ignoring the ominous spin she puts on the last word, and give a large yawn (which again gives you serious value for money).

"Oh no, I just stopped for a quick dip. I didn't think you'd mind me using your facilities. Don't let me disturb you, please. I'm sure you're very busy practicing all that mad cackling and gibbering, and at your age having to take care of all those decrepit creatures must be very tiring. It must eat into your beauty sleep terribly. I hope turning me into a hippo didn't tire you too much? Looking at some of your earlier attempts, it must have been quite pleasing to actually manage to get one right. Anyway, I'll be leaving as soon as I'm ready. Nice to have met you. Could you possibly shut the door on your way out? I'm in the bath." You give her another bright smile and sink back into the mud.

The witch's composure is rapidly unravelling again. Her face has gone a very interesting shade: you didn't think that anyone could actually flush green, or apparently radiate rage in the ultra-violet. Her black hair has uncoiled and is crackling and writhing around her head like electric eels. Her breathing is steaming out of her nostrils. "INSOLENT CREATURE!!!" The words practically flare into visible light as she screeches, seemingly growing in size with smoke pouring off all over her body. She then manages to get something of a grip on herself, shrinking back to normal size but retaining the interesting appearance. She smiles a smile terrible to behold. "Well, enjoy your 'bath' whilst you can. I assure you that it won't be pleasurable for much longer!" She makes a brief, dramatic gesture with both arms.

Written by Lupine (edited by wanderer)

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