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I bet some of yall have no idea who this rukario is. Rukario is ancient pokemon it is said to appear when an evil allince emearges of the earth.luckily I know all of rukario stats just keep reading to find out.first of all rukario can only be caught in pokemon diamond/pearl.

moves of rukario when caught.

earthquake, areoblast, superpower, cosmicpower but if you dont have a DS not to worry you can get it in R/S/E all you have to do is make sure you have caught raquaza go leave two of the regis in the daycare the lady will say thats a rare pokemon you have she will ask to borrow two say yes and walk around a little bit the guy will give you an egg then it will hatch to a riacusa at level 5 get it at level 50 and then it will evolve to rukario but you only have one chance I tried and got it to.The secret is MEW

Written by dj mack

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