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'I want to be a Ctarl-Ctarl!' You say.

'Ah, an excellent choice!' the genie replies. She claps her hands together and the changes begin. Your ears itch a bit as they lengthen. Suddenly, you can hear every miniscule sound around you. Your muscles bulge, and you can feel you voicebox changing a bit to accomidate purring and such cat sounds. You become really hungry as your metabolism accelerates. Finally, your canines become pointed and claws sprout from your fingers.

'Hey, I'm barely changed at all!' you shout. The genie chuckles.

'Try transforming!' she tells you. You give it a shot. First, you go for your advanced form, and thank your lucky stars there's a full moon tonight. Your tail sprouts, your claws and teeth lengthen, your muscles ripple with power as your senses increase. Concentrating hard, you burst into your magnificent she-beast form.

Written by Phoenix

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