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Beefcake Screws Up

Beefcake whips out a rather poorly constructed want. The want looks like a log with a poorly drawn paper star taped to it. On the star, it reads: "Befkaaks wond" with more than a few of the letters backwards. The idiotic minotaur picks up a handful of dust and throws it in your face.

"Gack!" you begin to sputter, cough and shake your head, as the dust finds it's way into your nose, mouth and eyes.

"Now how spell go?" Beefcake had the wand jammed up his nose to help him concentrate. "Oh yeah, me remember!"

This dungeon be dark and gritty Me want cowgirl that be pretty Give her boob and hand and feet Gimme girl that really neat

"Um... what next?"

Change her body, not face Make her pretty and... um... grace

"Oh, this getting hard..." Beefcake says as he holds his head. "So hard to 'member and rhyme!"

You start to feel tingling throughout your cow body and nervously speak.

"Are you sure those are the words the witch used?"

"No, Dorka not cast this spell," said the smiling beefcake. "She use rhyme in spells, so Beefcake make up own spell. Should work just as good!"

Beefcake goes back to his spell, but he seems to have forgotten where he was in it. He pauses, then looks up to you, then back to the wand, then back to you. This repeats for a seconds, before Beefcake finally bursts with fury and begins waving his "wand" around frantically and shouting the remainder of his "spell".

Me want pretty cowgirl! Me want pretty cowgirl! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! GO!

A blast of what can only be described as pure stupid bursts from Beefcakes wand and slams into you. You groan and cover your eyes with your hooves as you lie down. Whatever Beefcake actually managed to do to you, you really don't want to know. However, regardless of how stupid his spell was, you definitely feel like your changing... but into what?

Written by Noman

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