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Make things a bit easier for Beefcake

Beefcake looks at you and scratches his head. He turns to the witch and gives her an incredibly stupid looking shrug of the shoulders.

"Are you that stupid, Beefcake?" asks the witch. "In all my years, you are about the dumbest minotaur I've ever had. Here, I'll make it easy for you."

With a wave of her wand, you feel yourself change once again. You feel yourself raise back up on two feet. Despirately, you hope that you will be turned back into a human. However, the udder still protruding from your lower stomach area tells you otherwise. Two bountiful breasts grow from your now human torso and a mane of long brown hair falls from your head. Your front legs become arms and they become prehensile. You have become a minotauress.

"Oh no..." Apparently, you also regained your ability to speak. Your voice is on the deep side of alto. "This is not good..."

There's also something else that's odd. You have writing on your lower stomach, just below your udder. It appears to be an arrow pointing to your vagina with the words "Insert Here" written above it. You certainly don't want to be raped by this brickhead and if he's really this stupid, you could use that to your advantage and find a way to escape.

The witch grabs the bucket of milk and walks out.

"I think I'll take this," she said. "Can't have you drinking it and turning back to normal can I? I'd be out of magical milk and I wouldn't have my cow anymore. Have fun you two!"

Now what do you do? Should you try to trick beefcake out of sex? He might be pretty angry if he doesn't fall for the trick. Maybe he could somehow lead you to the magical milk. As the big brute picks his nose with his long bovine tongue, you wretch and cringe a little. He's not going to be much help there, so what now?

Written by Noman

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