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I'd Like to Register a Complaint

"Very funny," you retort. Then you point at yourself and ask, "You call this a werewolf? I want to be a werewolf, fer cryin' out loud! You know, a big, powerful, vicious, makes-his-victims-wet-their-pants kind of werewolf. Get the picture?"

"Ah, so ye be making yer third wish, then?" the leprechaun asks with a sly smile.

"No!" you snap. "Don't you dare try to pull anything over on me, little man! We're still on wish number two. You didn't give me what I asked for, so now you have to fix it."

"Ye asked to be a werewolf, and that is what I made ye," the leprechaun snaps back. "It's not me fault that ye didn't specify what kind. And if ye want to be changed again, it'll cost ye yer third wish."

"You stupid little fairy!" you scream. "I wish I'd never met you!"


Written by Funny Animal

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