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Nice box.

You close your eyes and wait for the worst. When you open them again, however, you find yourself in a white room with no visible exit. A frosted glass window limits your visibility outside, and a small steel panel in the wall opens to reveal a strange rope of plastic tubing.

You're peering into the panel, trying to figure out how you went from a genie to a lab, when you suddenly black out.

Waking up again, you groggily try to assess your situation. You have been lifted onto a bed, and, squinting, you realize that the plastic tubing is now feeding you some sort of greenish liquid intravenously. Unable to hold your head up any longer, you pass out again, this time with a vague nervousness about your fate .

When you come too, you are quickly fully aware of your surroundings. The feeding tube is no longer in your arm, but you feel extremely sore in the strangest spots. Your breasts, for example, feel heavier. Your spine feels like somebody tried to stretch it out of your body, and strangest of all is a constant dull throbbing in your crotch and buttocks. When you try walking, your legs don't move properly - the best you can muster is a sort of slight waddle. It feels like somebody has been inflating your crotch and abdomen. You're both intruiged and disturbed, but mostly you are fatigued, and desperate to escape.

Days pass, yet you don't feel hungry. You've yelled for a response, but whomever's got you in here isn't listening. You spend your hours trying to assess what is happening to your body. At first you think you've contracted some sort of strange virus, and are being quarantined. But when it becomes clear that your pleas for painkillers to quell the throbbing are unanswered, you wonder if this is some sort of experiment instead.

The inflation of your crotch, buttocks, and lower belly has you mystified. Like a full diaper, it has forced your legs into a crablike crouch in order to distribute the extra weight. Your breasts also seem inflated, and you're scared to find out that the skin underneath them is thicker , as if you were being engineered to support the additional size. That night, you cry yourself to sleep, wondering what additional monstrosities would be afflicted on you.

In time you discover that the skin on your bulbous nether regions has, too, thickened, and you're frightened to discover that your genitals seem to be melding and becoming hidden underneath the new thicker layer of skin. The 'appendage', as you've come to think of it, has grown so that it currently sags down to your knees. The skin tone has changed too, into a rather pleasing silvery gray. It is surprisingly rough to the touch on your appendage, but on your breasts, which have now inflated to almost ridiculous proportions, it is even softer than your skin before.

As time passes you continue to lose hope. The appendage now looks like a thick third leg, covering everything below your waist and even longer than your regular legs so that it drags behind when you waddle around. Your spine protrudes and forms a sharp ridge along your back. That, combined with the exaggerated size of your breasts and the appendage, makes it hard to sleep at night.

One day the frosted glass door opens. Your heart leaps - surely someone has arrived with the cure for what is happening to you.

Unfortunately, no. Five men in masks lift you - you have gotten much heavier, although your figure has somehome become more athetic, save for the breasts - and place you into a vast indoor pool with a reflective bottom.

You look down at yourself and gasp. You begin to shudder and cry. The plan was never to cure you - the plan was to transform you. You can stop referring to your 'third leg' as the appendage now - your legs have been engulfed by it anyway. With a wide gray fluke, it is obviously a dolphin's tail. Suddently the thick, rubbery skin makes sense. The elongated, protruding spine- that was a dorsal fin. But why the oversized breasts?

You get your answer when you hear a splash behind you. You turn around to find - a fit, attractive young merman. With a grin, you two begin circling each other. This is surely some kind of demented breeding program, you think as you find yourself in his arms, but at the moment you couldn't care less.

Written by Finny Fiona

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