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Your legs twist and contort in pain so great you fall to the floor. Massaging your thigh, you are able to feel the bone and muscles rearrange themselves under your touch. Your ankles swing out in crazy angles, while your thighs become thicker and your shins bonier.

The skin below your waist feels itchy and dry, as if it suddenly became to small for you and you desperately want to crawl out of it. What feels like a cold draft envelopes you. Shivering, you notice that the goosebumps on your newly deformed legs have burst open and your lower body is now covered in soft, fluffy, curly white wool.

Well, this is nice, you think, as you rub your hands over your flank and bleat in pleasure. You're so preoccupied with the soft, almost downy texture of your new wool that you barely notice when your toes fuse together and split to form hooves. You feel a sharp, dagger like pain just above your butt. Turning around, you find a little tail wagging around back there.

You wince when your face starts feeling like someone's grabbed it and stretched it all around. You can't see what's going on, of course, but you have some idea.

After the pressure on your face subsides, you stand up on your hooves, practically jumping with glee and dying for a mirror. The genie has thoughtfully provided one for you. You hold it up to your face and are delighted with what you see. Your nose and mouth have fused into a vaguely sheepy muzzle, but it compliments your high cheekbones well and actually makes you more attractive. The pupils of your eyes have moved to slant horizontally, like a goat's. Your ears have become floppy and hang over. Your hair has taken on a slightly wavy quality and, for some reason, an almost glowing reddish-orange color, and flows elegantly around the two small horns that protrude from your skull and curve back gracefully across your head.

You do a little satyr dance. Even though the wool covers your entire lower body, your considerable assets are still present.

Written by Finny Fiona

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