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Milk: It does a body good.

You black out for an instant, as your udder explodes. In the final moments the pain had gone beyond intense, to a point where, paradoxically, you couldn't really feel anything at all. Now, as you slowly regain consciousness, you simply feel numb. A gentle warmth surrounds you. You can't really see much. It's like you're looking at everything through a gauzy haze.

You feel like you're floating. There are no details, no objects around you. You can't feel your body. You try to focus your eyes, but all you can see is a soft, white light that seems to permeate everything. You feel like you're moving in slow motion, and you wonder if you have died. Maybe you died, and this is what it feels like to be dead.

You try to focus on the gentle feeling of warmth, and you wonder if it is coming from the luminescence that surrounds you, this soft, milky glow that appears to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This soft milky glow that you seem to be floating in, buoyant, moving in slow motion.

This soft, milky glow...


That's it! It's milk! It's the milk, from your udder! You're floating in it, swimming in it, living in it. It is a world unto itself. But you, what are you? What have you become?

Written by venus

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