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Me, Werewolf , and Brian

While my parents is away, I invaited the werewolf over." Is there a PARTY''.

''NOW WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU'' I yelled crazy at him (not really mad at him). The wolfman lefted his leg up, and put his foot on my hands.''Well, tickle it, what the hell wrong with you boy''said the wolfman.

Brian and I taged team up on him. As we'd tickled the werewolf, I started singing like I'm crazy." Oh no no no, don't phunk with my heart''. Brian tickle him in the armpits, and I go for the feet. Its getting crazy up in here.

Then all sudden, Medea showed up with a gun''Yal crazy as hell''. We all partying in this house like crazy. ''Damn''.

Written by Thomas Booker

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