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talking roos? well, you've seen weirder stuff

you hear a cry for help in the other room. you tell your team to watch the girl and to round up anything else in the castle. vaughn follows you. you put your ear up to a door you are guess the call came from. you hear talking. it is frantic and riddled with fear. you turn on your flashlight and break down the door. you see two kangaroos in a cadge, they look at you in terror. the one said "please don't kill us, that girl is CRAZY! she wants to eat us! please, we were drugged!" you feel sorry for them. you ask "eat you?" they reply in unison "yes, she and all her friends! the're cannibles! help us please!" you belive him, kitsunes are notorious for cannibalizing other creatures. you shoot off the lock and they hop out. you hope that you didn't make a mistake by letting them out. they rush over to you and give you a hug. you totaly believe them and give one your sidearm. vaughn gives his to the other one. the one said "I'm scott, thank you' you didn't catch the other ones name because you heard one of your men over your headset. he said that he had found pockets of creatures. you walk out of the room. you see cole, the guy that you left to guard the girl. he was on the floor, the girl was on him. there was lots of blood. you said "Get up." in the most athoritive voice you could muster. she, apon hearing your voice stood up really slowly. you told vaughn to kill her if she moved, after you put her agenst the wall you rushed to check cole.

Written by unit 52

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