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On second thought...

On second thought, you realize that without Hymalaia losing weight, you'll never get her out, or save her from Dorka. "On second thought, Genie, I could use some help... This white wolf is Hymalaia. She is... well... fat, because a witch named Dorka cast a weight spell on her. The problem is, without intervention, she won't get out of here, and never see her pack again. Do you think that you could slim her down a bit?"

"Did you say a spell made her that fat, and she didn't just eat a few too many sheep? If it's a magic-induced spell, you need to wait for the reducer to work until 48 hours after the original spell has been cast."

"OK, that's fine. How long has it been?" you ask Hymalaia.

"Oh, I'd say about 36 hours. It's been a day since we've crawled in here, and I ran for 6... she cast it when I was chained up,m and it took 6 hours for the chains to break. The spell, you see, was slow-acting. So we have 12 hours to wait until it works."

"OK, genie, here it is- I wish that Hymalaia's fat spell would reverse when your magic allows it to."

"Granted. 1 wish left."

Written by Talbain

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