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Mr. Hammer becomes a cheerleader

The leprechaun, who is invisible to everyone in the school other than you, steps away out of sight, leaving you to deal with Mr. Hammer.

"I'm waiting, Miss . . . Miss . . . what is your name?" Mr. Hammer presses.

Without stopping to consider the consequences, you aim the remote at Mr. Hammer and begin pressing buttons. The transformation takes only a few seconds. Mr. Hammer changes from a 6'2" male in his forties to a beautiful, 17-year-old teen queen. He . . . or rather, SHE . . . now has long dark hair, beautiful blue eyes highlighted by mascara and eyelashes, luscious Mabelline-covered lips, a curvy body with a set of nicely rounded boobs, and absolutely gorgeous legs. Instead of a suit and tie, the new "Miss Hammer" is now wearing a pink-and-white Sweetwater High cheerleading uniform with a pink "S" on her chest.

While Miss Hammer looks down at her new body in shock, wondering if she's gone insane, you turn back toward the window on Mr. Nervos' classroom door. You see that Chuck has stopped bothering the dark-haired cheerleader and started writing some note. He's probably going to pass some harassing note to that girl, you think angrily.

You aim the remote at Chuck. Stifling a giggle so as not to be heard by anyone in the classroom, you wonder: What would you look real pretty in, Chuckie?

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