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Close call

Pretending to be unconscience, you what for more trolls to come back. Soon enough, more arrive and start to untie the snare. You bide your time, until the knot is just about undone...

You suddenly start flailing your arms and legs around, shaking off a couple of the buggers, and then you fall to the ground. Quickly staggering to your feet, you immediatly start sprinting back towards the den. Of course, your strong, long legs are no match for the others, and you quickly loose them.

Stopping for a moment before entering the den, you catch your breath. Then, just before you enter the den, you notice something to the left of the opening.

A big bush of berries....

"You've got to be kidding me...." you mutter as you grab a bunch and head back into the den.

Written by Fenrir Wolven

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