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Worse than deja vu!

You take a few steps away from the room you've just climbed out of, when the witch finds you! "So, you got out of that one? Well, this one will be impossible!" You feel a trap-door collapse beneath you, and find yourself in a room just like the last one. The witch casts a spell on you, and it forces you to eat as much fish as you can. She keeps on casting spells on you, making you eat more, while your body slowly softens and expands. You then realize that she hasn't been making you eat, you actually love the fish. The food has slowly been turning into bigger and more fattening delicacies, like fish to beef, to bread, to milk, to cream, and you haven't noticed, mainly because it was pleasant. You're probably 125 pounds heavier. But with one last cackle, the witch casts one more spell- on both you and the food. The cream becomes thick chocolate ice cream, surrounding you, filling the entire room, slightly discolored to a light brown. Your belly has become empty, and your brain suddenly says that you won't leave until it is all gone. It must be magically addictive. You, not realizing what you're doing, start eating all of it you can see. Every foot gone from the pile becomes inches around your waist. You keep eating until the ice cream is all gone. You rub your belly, thinking that the ice cream was great, and you gasp- the ice cream was so fattening, you're at least 1,000 pounds! You gasp in shock, and the witch comes back. "So, kitty, you enjoyed your food? The ice cream was 20% Oonglak oil, or bearded seal. Every 100 grams has 900 calories, and 10 grams of fat, so you're roughly... 2 times as big as you would be if it was normal ice cream. What to do with you now?" she says, as you try to get to your feet but are stopped by your fat...

Written by Talbain

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