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All alone, with a pile of food.

Still in the cave, you look around, noticing that you sorta like in in this place. It's nice and cozy, and this dragon really seems to like you. Sighing, you rub your swolen belly, and eye the pile of food in the corner. And she likes fat, that cute dragoness.

You make your way over to the food, and pick up the first thing on the pile, A raw steak. You bite off a huge section, chew and swallow. Feeling cocky, you then just pop the rest of the steak in your mouth and swallow.

You grin foolishly, then grab a full turkey. Opeing your jaws, you begin shoving it in, and blink as your jaw painlessly pops out, allowing you to swallow the Turkey whole. Your neck and throat are slightly sore now, but you grin even wider, realising this is actually quite fun.

You begin eating bigger and bigger things, until you reach what appears to be a roasted horse. You struggle to stuff it into your belly, which has finnaly grown taunt with food. Barely managing to stuff the last peice of edible you think you can fit in your stomach, you roll onto your back, head falling into the pile of food.

And gasp. There's one last morsel you want. Your mouth watters at the sight of it, a monsterous whale of flesh, still fresh looking, lays not a few feet above you. Mouth watering at the sight of something that would make your belly match the dragoness in size, you open your jaw wide, and push on the pile of food, allowing the huge meal to fall onto your face.

Stunned for a moment by the impact, you sit there with this huge weight on your body. Even your vastly swollen gut is dwarfed. Drooling, you open your mouth wide, and begin pulling it into your mouth, tail first. Licking at it, and enjoying the salty taste, you begin feeling way to full after the first foot of it, but continue on, despite this discomfort. Then, your face feels like it's going to pop apart, and your throat aches. Still, you struggle to gulp it down, panting around this huge bulk. You feel like your gonna expload, and you don't think you can eat it all, when, suddenly, the pressure stops pushing you face and neck, but all shifts to your belly.

Sighing, as you can handle a stomach ache, you rub you huge tummy, at least, the bit you can reach anyways.

And quickly notice just how well the spell on you works. It has sped up your body, and your belly was already loosening up, and becoming more rounded. You can even feel your cheeks expanding, and can see your arms puffing out, and sigh contetedly.

You roll onto your belly somehow, and, because of it's sheer size, use it as a bed, and proptly fall into a happy sleep.

Written by Zeldon

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