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Ohh my head...

You wake up looking around you see that it is sunset and Jessie is no longer in the room. You lift your hand it has white fur all over it you continue to stare at it and you get up to look in the mirror. But as you get up you see a maroon stain on the floor where your head was... You reach back t feel you head and find that it is bleeding but it is drying up ad feels like it is already starting to heal. You then notice that even if you are not human that you are naked. You walk over to your closet but it seems someone has taken all your clothes and replaced them with kimonos. You stare into your wardrobe and find a really expensive looking kimono made of silk. On the back tag it says : Property of Lord Sesshomaru. You quickly throw them on and servey yourself.

You look at your body and notice that it is not feminine but masculine your muscles are large and your sholders are broader than a doorway. Your fur is a shining silver-blue with white paws and tail tips. Your claws are a full inch long and are sharper that a cleaver. But what is strange to you is you have long silver-blue hair that flows down your back and over your eyes and above that a pair of fox ears. Then it hits you you turn around and see four tails. Then you remember Jessie had only three so you figure that males have four and females have three. Then you remember Jessie...

You run down the stairs to find your front door is open with claw marks scratched into the frame. There are bloody pawprints on the floor and drag marks follow them. You put your nose to the ground and sniff the blood it's Jessie's. What do you decide to do?

Written by Yoka Kitsune

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