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I am a Lycon!!!

You stare at your self in the mirror something is differant about you but you can't put your finger on it. Jessie then walks in to the room she looks a little depressed. You ask "What is wrong?" She answers to you "I am very sorry." You then answer "Sorry about what?" She takes out her mirror and says "Look in the mirror and see the true light." You look in the mirror to see that your eyes are becoming blue and have slits. Your nose is becoming black and wet. Ears slowly emerge from your hair. Your face is becoming smaller and contorted then you feel a sharp pain in your side. You fall to the floor and start having convultions.

The pain is unbearible and your ribcage feels like it is going to explode. The pain gets so unbearible that you pass out. You wake up hours later and attempt to get up but you can't seem to stand up correctly, You always seem to fall back onto all fours then you feel a bad crack in your back and you get up Jessie is sitting on the bed she turns around to see you and says "Oh you woke up come over here." You start to walk over to her but you then feel a ripple in your back a tail has just sprouted you stare at it in disbelife and you...

Written by Yoka Kitsune

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