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The Conversation

"Hello...", you say to they grey, stony-furred creature, but it does not react, save to swivel its ears in the direction of your voice. Beyond that, all it does is look at you.

You get up and carefully look around, then go over to the door to see if you can find any way to open it. With no hinges visible on this side, obviously it opens outward, but the wood is smooth and seamless beneath its dark stain. The work put into making this door seems to have been great, but that thought is far from your mind as the feline creature slowly stands.

It has digitigrade legs, and seems very powerfully built, its fur seeming thick to your eyes. As it wears no clothing, you can determine that it is male, though there are few obvious signs since his fur is such a thick covering. You go very still as he looks at you with piercing blue eyes, but still he does not move from his corner.

You stand nervously looking at him for a few minutes, then breaking the silence, you say "Am I a prisoner here? This door doesn't have any way to get out ... You must be, too, aren't you ..." You say as the thought crosses your mind. Still, he does not move, just looking at you and watching you.

Eventually you move over to the window, and outside you can see the countryside around the castle. This room apparently is quite some distance up, since you can see for many miles around. The rain seems to have passed, and the window faces the east and the rising sun. You must have been unconscious the whole night.

The air is crisp and clean, nothing like the city where you live, with an odd kind of giddy tinge that infects your mind. You turn back to the feline, the air having an intoxicating effect on your senses.

Written by Jasmine (edited by wanderer)

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