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You stagger slowly through the sands, the sawed-off shotgun dragging at your side. The sun hangs vibrantly overhead, beating down on you at full force. You gulp down saliva, irrigating your parched throat. Sweat pours from your body, soaking your tattered clothing.

"Are we hot?" Loki's laughter rings in your head. "You know, the humidity's the real killer."

A sneer on your face, you thrust back the pump on the shotgun, tracing the laughter. "I'll get through this desert, and then I'll..."


You stare at the smashed firearm, crushed into pieces by your.... pincer?

"LOKI!!!" you scream, feeling your mouth widen and distort as two taloned mandibles extend from the side of your mouth. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Hmph. Some gratitude," the Norse trickster grunts. "The thanks I get for helping you survive this desert."

You grimace in pain as your skin hardens and folds, covering you in dark red plating. Agony slices your midsection apart as two segmented arms grow from your sides, their tips ending in smaller pincers. Strange grasping barbs grow from your shoes as your stomach becomes a thickly plated underbelly. Your spine cracks and elongates as a segmented tail grows from your coccyx, terminating in a wickedly sharp spear-like tip. Two long antennae grow from your head, bringing new sensations to your mind. Your hair falls from your scalp as your eyes become onyx pools.

"There. Never say I haven't done you any favors," giggles Loki, his voice rippling like the heat waves from the afternoon sun.

Suddenly, the heat doesn't bother you anymore. Not since....


Written by kevin

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