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You remember the other water tower you filled as the kitsune yesterday. It doesn't matter if she hogs that tower, you have another to inflate yourself with. Happily, you run as fast as your tons will allow and quickly slurp down as much as you can handle, and then some. As you drink, you can barely see your kitsune girlfriend as she slowly grows to the size of a wide living room. You think every pound makes her look cuter and notice yourself become as wide as a house. You gurgle with delight, but think "This is too slow!"

So you climb up the tower and just jump into the UberMass supply and drink away. You end up draining the whole tank before falling asleep and hearing a creak.

When you wake up, you see that you have broken the water tower, as it collapsed as you slept. Focusing on you, you see you are nearly the size of a large meadow. You are delighted at this but you see the kitsune, still sleeping. She looks like a 50 foot wide yellow blob. You realize you want to be something other than a dragon, so you wake up your past-obese kitsune and ask her to change your form. She changes you into a red male kitsune like her. You have lost weight in your transformation, now only as fat as her. After some hugs and kisses, you both want more ubermass, so you find every tank left in the castle, drain the lake and fill it up with millions of gallons of what is equivelant to pure lard. You both take a drink, taking in as much as you can and although you are within 10 feet of each other, you quickly feel her fat and yours collide. You fall asleep, after dragging yourself out with more Mass and drinking it, and...

Written by Talbain

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