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That's just a Myth!

The ancient-culture-loving side of your brain flares up. "I want to be a creature from mythology and folklore", you state proudly.

"You're going to have to be a little more specific", replies the genie. "Most Genies would transform you right away. Before the Union made them tell the master to be specific, that is."

So you think. If you went with a Greek one, you'd have a field day ... they've got so many different creatures! Or how about all the anthropomorphic animals of Ancient Egypt? It would be nice to keep your hands. Maybe an Oriental demon? Or a Werewolf? How about mysterious creatures like Nessie or Big foot? Oh, you can't decide. Maybe it would be better if you Categorize them. After some thought, you do.




Monsters you'd associate with Transylvania


After some more thought, you go for...

Written by RMS Oceanic (edited by wanderer)

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