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It's all made up!

The fiction-loving side of your brain flares up. "I want to be a creature out of a fictional universe", you state proudly.

"You're going to have to be a little more specific", replies the genie. "Most Genies would transform you right away. Before the Union made them tell the master to be specific, that is."

So you think ... you've always liked Pokemon and Digimon, particullarly the scalies. However, you also liked the Saiya-jins Oozaru (Giant Monkey) form from Dragonball Z. There are so many worlds to pick from! Final Fantasy, Mario Brothers, and other games. You also think about Online Universes like Winds of Change, Spells 'R' Us and the Blind Pig. Which universe will you choose?

Written by RMS Oceanic (edited by wanderer)

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