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Harem Protocol

A side passage lets you safely give the slip to the supernatural sorceress who shape-shifted you into a serpent. You appear to be in a Seraglio -- a sequestered space in a Turkish palace set aside for the wives, concubines, and other female servants and slaves of the household.

The room is roomy (ahem), and richly appointed, the walls hung with tapestries and arras, the floors buried in thick Turkish carpets and plush cushions, and populated with comfortable couches on which to recline. But it doesn't appear to be populated with any people. Just one big snake, and that's you.

At the center there is a small table. You slither over for a closer look and you see that it holds an open bottle of wine, a half-full glass of wine, a pair of bifocal spectacles, a dish bearing a poppyseed muffin, and a note written on fine parchment. The note reads:

Condemned to live life as a beast,
Our enmity must e'er remain
But say only, "I am released,"
And gain your former form again.

On a whim you attempt to pronounce, "I am released," but nothing comes out but a hiss. There's nothing else here, unless someone is hiding behind a couch or a tapestry.

Written by venus

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